When A Record Leaves You Hanging…

I was casually browsing through the paternal portion of my family tree tonight when I came across a new hint on one of my third great grandmothers, Mary Louisa Stevenson (married surname being Peace).

The record in question?

Lunacy Patients Admissions Registers (UK) 1846-1912. Interesting.

I sussed it out and it appears that my third great grandmother was indeed admitted to the Staffordshire Asylum on the 4th of January 1905, aged 39 years old. The record then states that she recovered and was subsequently discharged on the 21st of August 1905. But, there’s no reason for her admittance in the first place! The record in question doesn’t provide that information. Argh. The possibilities are endless really–you could have been admitted to an asylum in the early 20th century for the smallest of things, comparatively speaking.

I wonder if I can gain that tantalising bit of information from elsewhere…if anyone has any ideas on where I could obtain it, do let me know!

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