Simplest Answers

It is said that the simplest answer is often the correct one…with that being said, I have had a realisation.

When we met H and her Mum in July 2018, they showed us the last known address they had for Douglas. I looked at this, noted it down and last remember using it for the agency application I made for assistance in the search in August 2018. Following that, I basically forgot about it. Surely…24 years on, Douglas has moved on from that address?

…or did he?

Look, I know what you’re probably thinking. No, I have not located him yet. 

Bear with me here.

Some of you may recall the phone conversation between the social worker assigned to our case and NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages back in January of this year. Upon telling the employee on the other end of the line where we thought Douglas had last resided (based on the information we were given by Douglas’ niece and nephew) this employee’s only response was…

you’re close. 

Guess where is close to that location we gave the Births, Deaths and Marriages employee?

The address H gave us back in July 2018. 

What if Douglas never left that address after all?

I will be exploring this potential line of enquiry further in the coming weeks.

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