It’s crazy to think we are only a day or so away from 2019. What a busy year of discoveries it’s been, with regards to both genealogy and life in general.

I am not typically the type for resolutions, but I do have some goals for 2019 with my research. Here goes:

  • Attend a workshop or two! I have already ensured that this will happen at least once, having booked into a DNA research group session with the Society of Australian Genealogists in March.
  • Continue writing on here regularly. Considering how busy 2019 is looking, I won’t be doing 52 Ancestors next year, but I will aim for some level of consistency. Fortnightly perhaps.
  • Determine who the father of my great great grandmother, Alice Selina Cowell is using DNA. Alice is the grandmother of my biological maternal grandfather. Which brings me to my main goal for 2019…
  • I will locate Douglas Purcill. Which is something you all can assist me with, by sharing this post.

Happy New Year everyone!


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