Week 22: So Far Away/52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

Tucked away, out in the middle of no where, there’s this tiny little cemetery in Blayney. Newbridge Cemetery, it’s called. Hidden away in there are two biological ancestors of mine and Mum’s.

Paternal biological relatives.



I visited the area in October last year, after work took me to Orange for a weekend. I know I’ve said before that I wouldn’t name any biological paternal ancestors until I had confirmed who Mum’s Dad was exactly, but these two won’t give anything away…they’re too long gone.


Meet Mum’s biological third and fourth great grandmothers, Ann Barry being her fourth and Ann’s daughter, Ann Maria Kable (nee Barry) being her third. Our relationship has been confirmed via a number of fourth cousin matches to Mum.

It was strange, visiting these ancestors…we share DNA, but up until last year I had no idea of this line in which I descended from. I was so close to them physically in that moment, and yet I felt so distant. They would have no idea who we are if they were here today! And neither do their other descendants, in particular the one I am currently seeking. But, they’re part of the reason Mum, my sister and I are here.

These ladies both have interesting stories to tell, I look forward to telling you all more.

*On another note, this particular visit taught me the importance of appropriate footwear in cemeteries. I was wearing sandals, and ran into a lovely snake who was making a new home INSIDE someone’s grave. The thought still gives me the creeps guys.*




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  1. Eilene Lyon says:

    I look forward to the stories to come. Agreed in the footwear, and long pants, too!


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