The Suitcase

Woke up from a nap this afternoon (I’ve been rather unwell today, it’s finally easing up!) to find an message waiting for me on Ancestry. A distant Taplin (biological maternal side) relative had forwarded an email she’d received from someone who had found a suitcase of letters, documents and photos at the op shop she works at, and the surname of the family portrayed in these items happened to be Taplin!

The message included a number to call, so I went ahead and did that–this lovely lady had been researching the family in order to find descendants to pass the suitcase on to! She named several of my ancestors, each of which had either photos, letters or other important documents included in the suitcase. I was so excited!

Better yet, I will be receiving the suitcase in February when this lady comes down for a reunion! I can’t believe it, I am so looking forward to having a look through these items! So very grateful for A’s kindness in looking after these treasures.


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  1. You’re so fortunate to have that treasure trove on its way to you!


    1. It’s incredible Liz! Really excited 🙂


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