“The Death of Captain Taplin”

I recently came across an obituary of my third great grandfather, Richard Taplin.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 7.14.51 pm

Richard was born in 1848 in Ambleside, Westmorland England and died suddenly of a heart attack on the 19th of December, 1903. The Sydney Morning Herald published his death notice on the following Monday:

Death of Captain Taplin 1903 Sydney Morning Herald Monday 21 Dec 1903, page 6

His funeral was written about on the 22nd of December, 1903 in the Evening News:

Funeral of Captain Taplin Evening News 22 Dec 1903, Page 7

When you see the “Morgue Register of Bodies” show up whilst searching for an ancestor, you immediately know something was either amiss or unexpected for the most part. It’s a bit eerie in this instance, as it appears heart disease has well and truly been passed down through the family. Seeing parallels so far back really shook me.

It’s interesting how obituaries of long since passed ancestors can have such an effect on you. It serves as a reminder that they are a part of you.




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  1. VICKI Marr says:

    Well done Em


  2. Nancy Brenton says:

    I really enjoy reading the interesting blogs you put up Emily.


    1. I am glad Nancy! Thankyou! 🙂


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