Friday’s Faces From the Past

**Thought I’d give this weekday theme a try! Thanks to GeneaBloggersTRIBE for this one! The content for this particular post was originally posted on my photography website. Since being posted there, I have identified one woman and have had a descendant of hers get in contact. The others however remain unidentified. I have updated the original where required.**

From my Anzac Day posts (here & here), I have mentioned that within my Nana’s WWI collection that there are a number of photos included in it. In fact, there are a total of 24 photos included within Uncle Norman’s wallet and upon checking with my grandparents it has been concluded that out of those 24 photos, we know less than half the people portrayed in them.

*This has got me wondering!*

 I connected late last year with a distant relative, who also happens to be a direct descendant of Uncle Norman’s best friend & cousin, Harold. Harold served in WWI alongside Norman. This direct descendant passed along photos of Uncle Norman that the family have never seen, along with a first hand account of how Norman was killed on the battlefields of France. How interesting it was to hear about my ancestor from another perspective! To have gained those images and information was invaluable.

I have decided I’d like to know who the unknown people are in the photos we have. These are stunning portraits (and a couple of fantastic snapshots) and being a photographer I place so much value in the possession of photos. These photos I’m sure would be important to any descendants of the subjects in question. There is a dual motive here, as I would also love to know if there is any further information to be learned of my Uncle Norman from these descendants. Who knows, perhaps we are related in some way.

This type of situation occurred a couple of months ago, having gone to ask my grandparents about the photos, one photo of which my Nana pointed out, saying “That’s Uncle Errol!”. Lucky for us, his full name was printed on the back as well. Later that night, whilst absentmindedly scrolling through Facebook, I noticed a friend of mine had tagged a girl (we’ll call her *Anna) with the exact surname of this ‘Uncle Errol’. Not a very common surname. Upon further investigation (Facebook stalking at it’s finest, we’re all guilty of this okay!?) it seemed that Anna lived in the same place that ‘Uncle Errol’ did. So I asked my friend about it, who in turn found out that this ‘Uncle Errol’ was in fact a relative of Anna! There it was, my first opportunity to share a never before seen image of one of her relatives!

Everyone, this is where you come in. Below you will see the images found inside Uncle Norman’s wallet, of people my family do not know. There are in some cases a couple of photos of the same person. I only ask that you share this post EVERYWHERE. Someone has to know who they are! Doesn’t matter where you live, share away and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Some photos have made it slightly easier for us, providing names on the back, however some remain unlabelled. If anyone knows someone in the photos below, shoot me an email at , as I’d love to send you a copy of the image in question, as well as ask a few questions of my own. Your help is much appreciated!



The girl in the front row, on the left I believe is Eileen Barrett, the same girl from the above photo.


Can anyone make out the remainder of the inscription on this photo? “Yours Sincerely ____ _._.18 France”


“A full blooded [square?] heart, or German Soldier. Souvenir of the push by the Australian Diggers 7/8/18. Type of men [put?] in the Army, some of which look very much younger. NDW. (Norman Douglas Way)”.










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