Edward Bate

My great grandfather Edward Bate was born in 1905, in Cannock, Staffordshire England. He was the youngest and only son of Edward Bate and Elizabeth Bate (nee Hughes), with his elder sister Elsie being born in 1902.


Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.36.18 pm

Sadly Edward lost both his parents in a short space of time, losing his father just before he was born and his mother Elizabeth in 1911 when he was just six years old. His Uncle Hezakiah Bate and his wife Sarah took Elsie and Edward in and raised them.

Edward came over to Australia in 1929 to enter the Methodist Ministry, arriving on the Orient Line’s SS Orford. In 1938, he married Mary McLeod Weller in Nabiac, New South Wales. The Northern Champion reported on their special day:

Wedding of Edward Bate and Mary McLeod Weller Northern Champion 23 April 1938
Dated 23rd April, 1938.

Edward, or Pa Bate as he is referred to in my house (which is confusing seeing as his son is MY Pa Bate!) went on to serve as a Chaplain in the Air Force in WWII, which is touched on in an older post of mine (check it out here).

Whilst researching the Bate family, I got talking to a relative of ours on this side, who I believe to be a 1st cousin twice removed from MY Pa Bate. (Gotta make that distinction, things get too confusing otherwise!). It was incredible as she had also met my Great Pa, Edward and happened to be in possession of a few photos of him I’d never seen, including the featured image you see on this post. (These are shared with permission from her). She also shared these ones with me:

Edward Bate, my great grandfather.


“Tell me which of these girls you like best, send me the name of the one which you think I will have, for it will likely be one of these three” — a photo of my great grandfather Edward with three unknown ladies. Should be noted that Great Pa didn’t marry one of these women at all!
The boy on the far right, standing in the middle row is Uncle Hezakiah Bate, who took Great Pa and his sister Elsie in after their mother died.

These photos are so special and I am very thankful to Y for sharing them with me and allowing me to share them here.

I am told that Edward was a very quiet man and a very caring husband and Minister. How I would have loved for the opportunity to meet and talk to him!



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  1. GeniAus says:

    A great tale of cousin Bate


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