Emily Blanch or Emmeline Stevens?

There are puzzles in every genealogy journey…my journey is no exception. This particular puzzle comes from Mum’s biological maternal side.

Question is, which lady is my third great grandmother? I thought it was an easy answer originally, with Emily Blanch marrying Richard Taplin in 1877… my second great grandfather George Richard Taplin was born 1882. Emily Blanch died in 1893, from there Richard went on to marry Emmeline Stevens in 1895. So, considering the time period I assumed that Emily Blanch was indeed the mother of George Richard Taplin. That was until I obtained his marriage certificate to my second great grandmother, Lena Ada Escott. It listed Emmeline Stevens as his mother! In the meantime, I had come across an image of Emily Blanch:

My Mum on the left, Emily Blanch on the right. Image from BruceRedding60.

I don’t know about you…but I think my Mum (and by extension myself and my sister) do bear a resemblance to Emily Blanch…with Mum being an adoptee this is a bit of a novelty for us, admittedly. BUT, as I’ve learned, going off resemblance for confirming familial connections is not a conclusive practice. These coincidences are known to happen!

After seeing this marriage certificate, I went on to locate George Richard Taplin’s birth certificate.


And there we have it! It appears that George Richard Taplin, my second great grandfather was born to Emmeline Stevens prior to her marriage to Richard Taplin in 1895.

AND, it appears that Emily Blanch also had another partner, during her marriage to Richard Taplin, a man named Henry Henderson. She had children with him also, before passing away in 1893. It appears this confuses a number of people who are researching this line, as most users seem to have Emily Blanch listed as George Richard Taplin’s mother in their family trees, which in turn has confused Ancestry where their Hints section is concerned: Emily Blanch and Emmeline Stevens have the same hints generated! Hints for Emmeline are actually mostly information regarding Emily Blanch! Basically, an amalgamation of these two women has occurred here. A sad thing really as they both deserve to be remembered as separate entities. Emily and Richard did an unusual thing for the time, living separate lives whilst legally married, having children to other people during that time. I can’t imagine how difficult that would have been! I hope to learn more about the both of them.

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  1. VICKI Marr says:

    Well we have all been wondering haven’t we?


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