Great Pop’s Coins

Great Pop died when I was really young. I would have been around 3 when he passed. He lived with Nana and Pop Peace (Dad’s parents) in the last years of his life and I recall being terrified of him. As someone who is so interested in family history, I regret that now but, as I said, I was so incredibly young.

I remember after he died, a bag of old coins appeared on one of our kitchen bench tops. I was forbidden to touch them, as they were Great Pop’s, given to Dad after he passed away. After awhile they disappeared, until I remembered their existence a few weeks ago. I asked Mum about them, she didn’t know where they were. Until the other night, whilst she was rummaging through our storeroom. Out she came, holding the plastic bag I remember from years ago, with all the coins still in it.

I had a look at them today.



Being a 90’s baby I admit I’m not all too familiar with these coins! I called Nana and Pop to ask about them, and Pop doesn’t remember giving them to us!! I am sure they are from his Dad!

I will properly store these coins as soon as possible, once I’ve looked into how to do it.

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  1. Caitie G says:

    Oooo! I would love to know how you end up storing them. We have a lot of my Poppa and Great Pop’s coins too, including one from 1836 with Napoleon on it! I was so amazed. We did take them to a coin shop to find out if they were worth anything but no. At the moment we’ve got them in ziplock bags, separated by year.


  2. GeniAus says:

    We just took my Nana’s 1 and 2 cent coins to the bank (after checking to see if there were any valuable ones among them). We deposited the $14 we got into Mum’s bank account.


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