An Update

I haven’t provided much further information regarding my search for my Mum’s biological father, simply because it’s one of those things that I feel I need to keep under wraps until I know more. But, I thought I’d give you a quick update as to what has been happening since I posted that first blog about the search.

I was rather overwhelmed at the response to the first blog post! I shared it in multiple genealogy Facebook groups, I even had it posted on the WRANs homepage! From there I was contacted by a lady named Rose, who offered to help me work through my Mum’s DNA matches. I agreed and within the next few days, Rose and  I were working on a mirror tree using a particularly close match (a second cousin, in fact two…who are siblings) in Mum’s list who didn’t match anyone from her known maternal side. We shall call this DNA match K.

Mirror trees…for those who are family members of mine reading this, you’d be unfamiliar with the term as it appears I am the only “DNA Creeper” (my partner’s affectionate nickname for me, isn’t he lovely) in the family so far…a mirror tree is basically a replica of a DNA match’s family tree. I will do a separate post on that later.

All the while, K was in contact with me, providing information regarding the more recent generations which of course wouldn’t show up in records on Ancestry. I had actually been in contact over the phone with K’s first cousin on her Dad’s side earlier in the year, who was adamant that we came from that side somewhere. However, with the mirror tree being built and utilised, it was looking like Mum fit in somewhere on K’s maternal side. K mentioned that her mother (we shall call her C) was actually in Sydney on holidays…and Mum suggested that we ask if C would like to meet with us. Luckily for us, C agreed, and we met up in February! It was a wonderful day, and C believes she sees some resemblance to her side of the family in Mum and I. That is always a weird thing for us. C agreed to take a DNA test to help confirm that we are on the right track, we are waiting on those results now (that St Pats Day sale was insane it appears!).

That’s where I am at so far…the waiting game is never fun, but as Mum said she has waited so long that a few more weeks and/or months isn’t going to make a difference!


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