The Arrival of Arthur Peace

I’ve been researching my Great Great grandfather Arthur Peace’s arrival in Australia. I found him in the Unassisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, with his arrival date being the 10th of September 1912, aboard the ship Rangatira.

I sussed out the Rangatira on Trove and found the following articles on this September 1912 arrival:

arthur peace rangitera immigration
Taken from the Sydney Morning Herald, 10/9/1912. The date varies slightly between records, meaning the exact arrival date could have been the 10th or 11th of September.

The article reads:

“Messrs Dalgety and Company, Ltd, have received advice of the reporting of the Shaw, Savill, and Albion liner Rangatira at Melbourne Heads. Under these circumstances the steamer should reach Sydney on Wednesday. As there is a large complement of passengers, (numbering about 1000) the medical inspection will doubtless take a few hours, wherefore, it is unlikely that she will berth at Dalgety’s wharf, Millers Point, before the middle of the day.”

I also found this article regarding the ship’s arrival (no transcribing for you, this one is nice and easy to read):
Taken from the Sydney Morning Herald: 12/9/1912

My 23 year old Great Great Grandfather was among those 1082 immigrants, on his own, having left behind his parents and siblings in Staffordshire, UK for a new life in an unfamiliar country. His sister Annie had made the trip a few years prior and I wonder if the knowledge of her also residing in Sydney, Australia helped Arthur to make his decision to immigrate.

Arthur, thank you for immigrating to Australia. Ever the land of opportunity, there was no better place for your descendants to have been born and raised.

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