The Spirit of Anzac Exhibition

Last night I went to the Spirit of Anzac Exhibition at the Sydney International Convention Centre with my parents. I have to say, it is one that I would have paid good money to go and see. Commemorating the centenary of our involvement in World War One, it’s a fully immersive experience.


It incorporated narration from excerpts of diaries and letters from the time, sound effects and visuals in the form of letters, photos and other war time items. The section that really got me was the memorial wall, with portraits of just a few of our brave fallen, which you view with music playing through your headset. It definitely brought a lump to the throat. You could leave messages of thanks around this particular wall of memory, all digital, and it was really incredible to have a read through what others had written.

spirit of anzac exhibition1

Other sections of note include where visitors can have a walk through a trench, which only highlights how truly horrific the conditions must have been for not just our men, but all personnel involved. It had a naturally sobering effect, even most of the children who were present were visibly moved by it.


I would highly recommend paying this exhibition a visit, it’s in Sydney currently and I believe it’s actually the last location, having been going for about two years. It’s a free event, you won’t regret it. For more information, visit It is a truly incredible tribute to our brave soldiers.

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