A Proper Introduction…

…as promised! Here goes.

I have always been interested in anything history related. I was that kid who used to read encyclopaedias for fun, much to my parents amusement (and perhaps bewilderment too, they do often say they have no idea where I got that from!). It was only natural that eventually I would gravitate towards family history. I often get a strange look when I mention that I’m interested in genealogy, in fact during a visit to the State Archives I had a lady say “You’re a bit young to be interested in genealogy!”…a statement that I found so amusing, but let me say this: genealogy shouldn’t have an age requirement!

I decided late last year to finally give an Ancestry subscription a try, after years of visiting the idea briefly and abandoning it due to time/financial constraints. I was hooked from the get go, what’s not to love? I think it’s important to know where one comes from, the struggles and successes of an individual’s ancestors are what brings us to where we are today.

I think what initially drew me in this time was the introduction of DNA testing. I noticed that a friend had completed one via Ancestry, and thought it was fascinating. What an incredible way to further traditional genealogy research! This, for my family in particular has been really significant. This is so, because my Mum was adopted. And the way I see it is, I have not two sides to my family, but THREE. Yes, I am researching my Dad’s family, my Mum’s adoptive family, and my Mum’s biological family. I am unsure if many adoptees do this, (to be honest I haven’t really asked!) all I know is that each side to my family has had a part in making me what I am today, whether I am aware of it yet or not. I will go into more detail regarding Mum’s adoption in a later post.

Anyway, I completed a DNA test via Ancestry in late November last year, received those results in December. With that, I got Mum to do a test, then my Dad and sister also, because why not? The results were so interesting, and with my paper trail research in mind, I decided to also ask both sets of grandparents (my Dad’s parents and my Mum’s adoptive parents) to test, as there appears to be mysteries on all sides of the family that I’d love to solve! (Again, more on those in later posts!) I took all four of those samples within days of each other and am awaiting those results to come through eagerly. They are all stuck on the “Arrived at Lab” stage and have been for just over a month. The waiting is the worst! But, it’s great that the response to the Ancestry sales, the most recent being the St Patricks Day sale is so large scale! More cousin matches, that’s the way we have to look at it, right?

Basically, my hope with this blog is to share my genealogy/history based interests and discoveries with like minded individuals. I am finding that I am always brimming with newfound information and I need to put it somewhere! Hopefully this blog also reels in some relatives who are following the same research path as me! I’m still getting used to the blog platform side of WordPress, so please be patient as I adjust the page accordingly 🙂

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  1. KTC says:

    I am so glad that I was not the only kid who read encyclopedias (or cereal boxes or instructions, etc.), just for the fun of it! My bizarre reading habits perpetually perplexed my parents.


    1. Kindred spirits, you and I! 🙂 Don’t forget dictionaries, I used to read those for fun too!

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